Where do you come from, Alain-H?

by Diana Pollin,
10 September 1948 born in Toulon. Sun sign is Virgo,(Vierge in French) and yes, I have the Virgo obsession with details that drives my Gemini wife up the wall.

10 September 1948 born in Toulon. Sun sign is Virgo (Vierge in French) and yes, I have the Virgo obsession with details that drives my Gemini wife up the wall. My ascendant sign is probably something more offbeat (maybe Gemini?) like my personality.

1968, the year of my baccalauréat, also the year that France exploded into leftist riots. However, “always be different,” I did not take to the streets but passed my “Bac,” with “my comrades” from Catholic high school. You see, that was the year that I discovered Saint Thomas the doubting saint, also the patron of architects.

June 1974, I received my degree from l’Ecole Nationale Supéreure d’Architecture of Marseille-Luminy. My ideas were as long as my sideburns – Peace, love, and vegetal structures inside habitats. The future! My family had moved to Sanary sur mer, 15 miles from Toulon, and all the natural and still unspoiled beauty of the shoreline bathed in sun and wind were my natural inspiration.

September 1974, I opted for a teaching career with a sideline of working for private architectural firms. Recruited by my school, I initiated courses in green architecture and scenography. (I still had my sideburns) Living in Marseille meant that le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation was literally just around the corner. Heaven!

1994, momentarily unfaithful to le Corbusier., I produced a film about the Sun King’s favorite architect, «Pierre Puget de Marseille »(DRAC PACA). (Note – Pierre Puget has a courtyard named after him in the Paris Louvre.)

2002, ‘can’t get me away from le Corbusier for very long. His emblematic apartment complex « l’Unité d’Habitation” was due for its 50 year celebration, and an organizer was needed. So…

  • 2004/2006, bad case of wanderlust. After two summers in Togo and Benin, to study African applications of European architecture, I turned my sights trans Atlantic and organized the “Cities in movement – Marseille-Manhattan” project (yes, they have more in common than you’d imagine!)

  • 2005/2009, my students group, picked up the “trophy of lights” prize for the best illuminations of the city of Marseille. (2007-2009)Well, after Times Square…

  • June 2009, first contact with the emblematic MuCem of Marseille as Director of the Exposition “Chantiers internationaux de Jeunes bénévoles”

  • 2009, my life took a very rich and surprising turn when I discovered digital art and applied it to historical research. One might think that digital art is as far from history as, let’s say, Pierre Puget is from Le Corbusier. However…You’d be amazed (but that’s another story)…

  • I used cutting edge techniques of digitalization to restitute the physiognomy of demolished houses and gardens and create an ambiance while respecting the primary resources (see tab Air-Bel…) The Committee Marseille Provence European Capital of Culture awarded the project their seal of approval. I directed the project Villa Air Bel Marseille 1940 ending in Expo Villa Air-Bel October 2013. See website Villaairbel1940.fr (over 10,000 visits since inception Oct 2013)

Since 2010, digital art activities-

October 2012, selection for See Me, (Art Basel) Miami-NYC

April 2013, exposed in “bal des sardines,” Cercle Nautique, Marseille)

May 2014, Conference and photo-digital art expo « Miami » Association France Etats Unis Marseille

October 2014, Expo Photo Painting « Air-Bel and the Surrealists », French week French American Chamber of Commerce, Miami, Florida

January 2015, expo Digtal Painting « La Villa Air-Bel», Belle Plaza Venetian Island, Miami Beach

June 2015, expo Digital Painting « Set Summer Soon » Clément Garden Center, Sanary/mer

Coming January 2016 Conference and expo « The Surrealists at Air-Bel » (AEPHAE Marseille)

Where will the digital art adventure take me next?…